SJ Medical Group – Frequently Asked Questions

Is SJ Medical Group an HMO and are you open to the general public?

SJ Medical is not an HMO. Rather, it is a physician owned medical group that welcomes patients with most HMO insurance plans, in addition to those with Medicare, Indemnity plans, PPO plans, Workers Compensation and cash.

Which Insurance Plans does SJ Medical Group accept?

SJ Medical accepts most major Health Plans. We have contracts with many different types of health plans to offer our patients the freedom to choose what’s best for them. We believe by offering options, we allow our patients to choose from a range of options among Medicare and other commercial health plans.

Does SJ Medical Group offer a cash discount to uninsured patients?

Some services may be eligible for a discount at few of our clinics if payment is made at time of service. Please call the facility or ask the receptionist prior to your visit.

Do I have to pay a co-pay if I have insurance coverage under two different plans?

If both plans are HMO and you are enrolled with SJ Medical in each of them, the co-pay will be waived.

What are your office hours?

SJ Medical’s office hours vary by location, please see our Locations and hours page for further information.

Is SJ Medical Group open on weekends?

Yes, SJ Urgent Care is open on weekends, holidays and every weekday evening until 7pm for “walk-in” patients. Please check the hours for the weekends.

Which hospital is SJ Medical Group affiliated with for admission or emergency?

Hemet Medical Center is our primary hospital; however, SJ Medical Group also contracts with several other hospitals in the area, Serious, life-threatening emergencies should always be dealt with by calling “911” or proceeding to the nearest emergency room.

Do any SJ Medical Group physicians speak languages other than English?

We have a multilingual staff. Our providers and staff are fluent in Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil,  Korean, Tagalog, Arabic, Tagalog and Mandarin.

What should I do if my doctor is not available?

Call your physicians office and ask for advice. There is always an alternate physician available to see patients during office hours. In addition, there is a SJ Medical physician on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent needs. To access this physician, just call your physicians office directly and you will be connected to the Afterhours physician on duty.

Should I call my Doctor after hours?

Yes, you should call your doctor whenever you need immediate medical care. SJ Medical group physicians are never too busy to talk to you. You may be asked to leave a message with your doctor’s answering service and then your doctor will call you back usually within 30 minutes.

Do you have female physicians?

Yes. We have female physicians and Nurse Practitioners (NPs).

What is a PA or NP?

Nurse Practitioners (NPS) are registered nurses who have received additional training and education that enables them to treat non-complex illnesses, screen for illness and write prescriptions. Physicians Assistants (PAs) receive a medical education that allows them to treat non-complex illnesses, screen for illness and write prescriptions under the supervision of a physician. Both work closely with practicing SJ Medical Group Physicians.

My insurance has changed. What should I do?

Please inform the receptionist at your next visit, and bring a copy of your new Insurance card. Also, please inform us if any personal information has changed such as address or telephone number.

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records?

You must sign a “Release of Records” Form, which can be obtained at the front desk. A contracted copy service usually performs this service and a small fee may be charged.

I lost my child’s immunization record. What should I do?

We will furnish a copy at a cost of $10. Please request the copy at the facility where your child received the immunizations.

What do I do if I’ve been in an auto accident? Is there any paperwork to fill out?

Please inform the receptionist when calling for an appointment. Bring the relevant insurance information when you come for your visit.

I have received a bill, and I do not think that I am responsible for payment. What should I do? Who do I call for billing questions?

If you have any enquiries or questions regarding your statement or bill, our billing staff is available to assist you with questions related to your account. Please contact our billing department at 951 665 1408 between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm.

How do I make an appointment?

You may schedule an appointment by calling one our offices directly, and the receptionist will help you schedule a time convenient for you. You may also call our central appointment line at 951 665 1100.

What do I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your personal insurance card, co-payment, photo ID, verification of your name, address, date of birth, and current phone number(s). At each appointment, our registration staff will ask to see your insurance card or verify the information we have in the system. Please have your current insurance information at each visit to avoid any unnecessary delays. We also ask that you bring a complete list of all current medications you are taking.

Please allow a few extra minutes before your appointment, if you are a new patient to SJ Medical Group or your insurance has changed, to complete the necessary paperwork.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

You may be charged your minimum co payment for any missed office visit if you do not notify us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Can I pay my bill online?

Sorry, at the current time we do not offer any online payment options. You can pay your bill at any of our locations or you can mail a check along with the statement to the attention of:

SJ Medical Group Billing Department

1695 S San Jacinto Ave., Suite A

San Jacinto, CA 92583.

What is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history.

SJ Medical Group uses the same EMR across all our clinics and urgent care facilities so that our patients’ records can be easily and securely accessed through out our health system making it extremely convenient to our patients and providers.

Who do I call for my test and lab results?

You can call any of our offices within the hours of 9.30 am to 4.30 pm to receive your test and lab results. Please be sure to provide us with the most current contact information should the physician or the office want to contact you.

How can I get a referral to a specialist?

If you need a specialist, SJ Medical Group physicians are happy to refer you to one. If your insurance company requires a referral and/or prior authorization, inform your primary care physician prior to seeing a specialist.

Do I need an appointment for general practice?

Appointments are strongly encouraged. We offer same-day appointments, and ask that you call prior to coming to one of our Clinics except for the urgent care facilities. Patients with urgent problems will be accommodated same day.

Are you open on holidays?

SJ Medical Group’s urgent care centers are open every day, including most holidays. Hours vary by center. Please call and confirm hours of operations on major holidays.

Do you accept Medicare?

SJ Medical Group is a proud participant in the medicare program and will be happy to file your charges to Medicare.

Dr.Koka’s Exclusive Senior Care is the first of its kind clinic dedicated to providing steady and quality care for all our seniors with helpful and caring support staff to take care of all your health care needs to put you at ease.

Medicare Open Enrollment will be taking place October 15 through December 7. For more information about Medicare coverage and how to apply, visit or call one our clinics to speak to an independent medicare enrollment advisor.

 Why should I choose SJ Medical group or Dr Koka’s Senior care for my health care needs?

SJ Medical Group provides Steady, Strong Quality health care to its patients through a group of physicians that reflect a tremendous depth of professional experience, from board-certified physicians to recognized medical leaders in the community. Working together, our team provides “seamless” care that respects the needs of each individual patient. For us YOU are a priority.

What advice would you give to seniors who are confused about the changes in medicare?

SJ Medical Group deeply cares about the well being of our seniors. Call us and encourage your friends, neighbors, caregivers and family members with questions to do so as well. Our physicians and staff are upto date with all the medicare changes and laws. We also work with Medicare advisors, coaches and coordinators who are knowledgeable in senior care and who can help you navigate the healthcare maze. There is a lot of changes occurring in Medicare, and we can make it easier for you to make good decisions about your health care.

How do I select an SJ Medical group physician as my PCP? How do I become a patient of SJ Medical Group?

If you currently have a non SJ Medical Group PCP, call your health insurance plan to notify them of your new PCP selection. You can also ask our office staff to help you with the change and we will gladly be able to assist you.

What if my primary physician’s schedule is booked for months in advance and I am not able to see them?

Occasionally there are scheduling delays with a few of our busiest providers. In such cases we are often able to schedule you with another provider to address your immediate condition.

How do I get prescription refills processed through my doctor’s office?

To refill a current prescription, please contact your pharmacy directly and allow 48 hours to process your request. Make sure you contact for refills much before your supply runs out to avoid an emergency situation.

If you do need a same day prescription refill, be sure to tell your pharmacy so that they can try to accommodate your needs.  Do not assume that they will do the refill on the same day be sure to advise them of this need. Please note that narcotic prescriptions can only be refilled by your Primary Care Physician’s office.

What if my pharmacy is not able to help with my prescription refills?

If for any reason your pharmacy is not able to refill the prescriptions you can contact one of our trained nurses between the hours of 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday and we will gladly try to assist you by talking to your pharmacy and getting your prescriptions.

When is it necessary to go to an Emergency Room instead of calling my doctors office or visiting the urgent care?

You should call 911 and go to the nearest emergency room for all potential, life-threatening medical problems that need immediate attention. Examples of emergency situations include poisoning, inability to breathe, chest pain, serious head injury or loss of consciousness. In these cases, seek emergency help immediately by dialing 911.

What is the difference between an Emergency room and an Urgent care?

Emergency room care is for sudden, life threatening conditions, such as chest pain, extreme dizziness or loss of consciousness.  Emergency rooms are usually in a hospital setting and services are available 24 hours.  Urgent care is for conditions which would normally be treated by your Physician  like common ailments, sprains, bronchitis, stomach issues, fractures, cuts, etc.  SJ Medical Groups urgent care facilities are open daily to serve your health care needs.


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